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Birth Certificate Attestation in Dubai & UAE

Birth Certificate Attestation in UAE pertains to the act and process of witnessing a birth certificate by an authorised person, or persons, departments, and authorities, as verified by their signature and official seal. The attestation also serves to confirm that the specified birth certificate was released by the mentioned department and that the signature and seal affixed on that particular document is authentic.

Procedure for Attestation of Birth Certificates in the UAE

The process for attesting birth certificates in Dubai and the UAE can be performed in the country that issued the official document. To be eligible for use in UAE, the certificate should be attested by the concerned home department, or the Ministry of External Affairs, or a corresponding embassy of the country where the holder of the certificate intends to go.

Below is a list of documents required for the completion of birth certificate(s) attestation in the jurisdiction of Dubai and UAE:

  • Original copy of the birth certificate(s)
  • Passport copy
  • Visa copy
  • 2 photographs
  • Authorisation Letter

The process can be completed even if the holder of the certificate is not present in the issuing country.

What Express Attestations Offers You

At Express Group, we understand the urgency and importance of such procedures. As such, we aim to make the process fast and efficient for all our customers, so they can fulfil requirements within the timeline they are given. We have a professional team of customer service specialists who can help with your inquiries about the requirements, processes, and the fees involved.

As part of our services for attestation in Dubai and the UAE, we offer:

  • An express service wherein your document can be attested and delivered within 7 working days
  • Online Tracking Facility where you can monitor the status of your documentation
  • Free pick-up and drop-off service for customers within UAE

The act of serving as witness to the signing of a document(s) and then signing it in order to verify that the document has been properly signed by the individuals bound by its contents.

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